• Sohan Dsouza

    Sohan Dsouza

    MIT Media Lab student & researcher; interested in virality, veracity, and values; history geek; cat daddy; jazz fan; memetic humorist

  • Sachin H

    Sachin H

    Between Happiness and Pursuit of Happiness, is the discovery of a Purpose ! Creator. Opportunist. Generalist. Thinker.

  • Matt Orfalea

    Matt Orfalea

    Independent video beast: http://youtube.com/ORF

  • Shae Solomon

    Shae Solomon

    Upstart whippersnapper. Seattle & coffee & tech & design & feminism & history & the human condition.

  • Brian Nuckols

    Brian Nuckols

    Writer and Thinker

  • Dán Hunter

    Dán Hunter

    Improving Human. Paypal: dan_swers@yahoo.com. Bitcoin: 1GJGY4g1FwzdMuhPsvTCoMRfZicJknMqhw

  • Curtis Powell

    Curtis Powell

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